DATES: May 18-19,2019



El Dorado Tennis Center in Long Beach, California


R.ogeve N.guyen-G.ulati  lbpridetennis@gmail.com


T.ito G.ulati-N.guyen

ENTRY FEE:  $69 per player

(click here for entry details page)

Compass Draw or Round-Robin, No-Elimination format! 

Every team keeps playing both days, win or lose! 

All matches are best-of-three-sets with regular ad scoring!

Format guarantees 3-4 scheduled matches per team, win or lose. 

*Most teams typically get 4 scheduled matches as long as draw fills

Entry also includes snacks and lunch at the courts both days, Saturday night event, trophies, photos, shirt and/or towel, bag tag and more!!!


  1. 1. Complete entry form with contact information, sign waiver, pay fee

  2. 2. Provide GLTA ID# (or create one if this is your first GLTA event)

  3. 3. Commit to playing all scheduled matches, win or lose! 

  1. *Teams and/or Players who skip out on matches may not be eligible future events.  Players who have skipped out on matches in the past may be automatically wait listed for their next entry.

* Membership in LATA or any other club is not required

MATCH TIMES:  Matches will be scheduled between 8am and 6pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Please enter ONLY if you are prepared to play anytime during these hours.


Open/A/B/C:  16 teams maximum (Compass or Round Robin Draws)

40+C/D:  up to 8 teams maximum (Round Robin Draws)

DOUBLES PARTNER REQUIRED:  A doubles partner is required to play in this event.  Players are only confirmed in the draw once entries from both have been received and processed.  If you need assistance finding potential partners, contact lbpridetennis@gmail.com or LATA.  However, in general, we try to avoid assigning doubles partners for the event.     


April 28th:  Last day for entry withdrawal with full refund*

May 12th:  Final deadline for entry and last day to cancel for partial refund*

* Note:  All entrants have two weeks to withdraw with a full refund, regardless of above dates


REFUNDS FOR CANCELLATION:  Most funds are committed in advance.  Therefore, full refunds cannot be issued to players who cancel after April 28th*.  In exceptional cases, partial refunds may be granted if paying replacement(s) are found by May 12th*.

* Note:  All entrants have two weeks to withdraw with a full refund, regardless of above dates


WAIT LISTS:  Once each draw fills, new entrants are put on a wait list and will be notified if and when space opens in their desired draw(s) in order of entry submittals. 


DRAW FORMATS:  All teams are guaranteed 3-4 scheduled standard matches (best of 3 sets, regular ad scoring), win or lose*.  Some of the draw format options include:


4 TEAM ROUND ROBIN - Each team scheduled to play 3 matches*, win or lose - 2 Saturday, 1 Sunday;

5 TEAM ROUND ROBIN - Each team scheduled to play 4 matches*, win or lose - 2 Saturday, 2 Sunday;

8 TEAM ROUND ROBIN - 2 groups of 4-team round robins. Each team scheduled to play  4 matches*, win or lose - 2 Saturday, 2 Sunday. 

16 TEAM COMPASS - Each team scheduled to play 4 matches*, win or lose - 2 Saturday, 2 Sunday. 


RAIN DELAYS:  In the very unlikely event of inclement weather or other natural events that disrupt play, shortened match formats may have to be implemented (e.g. no-ad scoring, pro-sets, 3rd set = tie-breakers, etc).  No refunds can be provided in the event of weather or other natural events disrupting and preventing play.


FRIDAY NITE: Recommend Long Beach Pride events; may have a small mixer.

LODGING:  Host Hotel Current in Long Beach. Click Here for more info.

* Number of matches stated is subject to the draw being full and each team showing up for all matches.  However, every team will be scheduled to play at least 3 matches. 

tournament details

Name: trenz

Age: 24

Location: queens, ny

Occupation: artist

favorite hero: Lorem ipsum consectetuer adipiscing elit.

Favorite anti-hero: consectetuer adipiscing elit.

an ANnual GLTA tournament aND LATA EVENT

Name: long beach pride doubles

Age: 17 years old

Location: long beach, california, uSA

A "NO-ELIMINATION" format GLTA event!!!

Win or Lose, every team keeps on playing...

All teams guaranteed 3-4 scheduled matches, regular scoring for all!!!